As Chaya went through her own fertility journey, she it opened her eyes to just how common miscarriages and infertility were. She knew that there must be some sort of connection between these unfortunate circumstances and diet and nutrition. As she delved into further research, she discovered the significance health and nutrition has during the preconception and prenatal period.


Chaya, who specializes in fertility and prenatal nutrition, is passionate about providing personalized and individualized counseling to her clients. She provides them with the correct tools so they can optimize their health and their baby’s health during the preconception and prenatal period.  

Chaya is a New York based Registered Dietitian and is a Certified Dietitian Nutritionist with New York State. Ever since she was a young child, her parents instilled in her the love of health and nutrition and this ultimately became her passion and driving force. She thus earned her bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College located in Brooklyn, NY.


During her 1200 hour internship, Chaya gained extensive experience dealing with numerous diseases and health conditions. She interned in a hospital, nursing home, WIC center, doctors office and a Daycare Center. Her favorite rotation was the daycare center because as of a mother of two beautiful girls, she firmly believes that nutrition and health during adulthood begins in utero and then continues during childhood when food preferences are established.


Her goal is to empower future parents and parents to teach their children how to create a healthy relationship with food for a nourished body and mind. Food is at the core of every family gathering and should be enjoyed and celebrated. This will continue a wonderful lifelong pattern of health and nutrition within families for generations.

Chaya Lezell BASc, CDN, RD

Fertility & Prenatal Expert 

Chaya's Story