New York City Nutrition specializes in holistic health, empowering our clients to love and nourish their body with real food.

No Fad diets, no periods of starving and no unnecessary supplements.


Just real food combined with the nutrition education you need for long term results.

Virtual Health Services 

We offer a FREE 15 minute phone consult prior to your first session to see if working with us is a right fit. Simply click on the Book Now! button to schedule your call.

NYC's Best Nutritionists

top new york city nutritionist and weight loss specialist. Helps people better their health through food and nutrition

 Lorraine Kearney BASc, CDN, CEO 

Weight loss, Mindful Eating

& Female Hormonal Health 

Sharon Priya Banta MS, RD, CDN

Weight loss, PCOS, & Female Hormonal Health 

 Chaya Lezell BASc, CDN, RD

Weight Loss, Fertility & Prenatal Specialist 

Laura Farrell BASc, RD, CDN

Sara Abdulmagid 

Food Photography and Recipe Contributor 

PCOS, Thyroid Disease, IBS, & Gut Health

Anna Headshot .png

Anna King

Medical Billing Specialist 

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What our clients are saying....

"PCOS had left me feeling like I could never lose the excess weight that I had been struggling so hard to lose. New York City Nutrition listened to me and gave me hope, guidance and support. With their extensive knowledge and help I was finally able to lose 10lbs, a number that seemed impossible. I look forward to more progress!!"  

- Tiffany C. NJ

"New York City Nutrition is knowledgeable, kind and supportive. Super understanding about working with your limitations and challenges. The meal plans provided truthfully changed my mind about food in just five days"

- Samantha R. NYC

"New York City Nutrition changed the way I look at food and how I eat. I have more energy than I have had in years and my skin looks great"

- Lisa D. NYC

"I feel AMAZING! I've lost nearly 10 pounds in 21 days, have more energy then I knew was humanely possible, stopped using my snooze button completely, learned to read ALL the labels, made delicious meals that worked as easy leftover lunches (I've never enjoyed leftovers until now), and have made some permanent lifestyle changes that were surprisingly easy to adapt to!


- Ruth W. NYC

"New York City Nutrition provided me with informative nutrition education where I can apply the principles of nutrition to each meal. This was not a fad diet, but a complete lifestyle change that was SO easy to incorporate. Not once did I feel I was missing out on my favorite foods, nor was I hungry.  If you're seriously about improving your health and want to make positive changes, then book an appointment today!


- Melaine K. NJ