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About Sara

Sara resides in Ireland, and is New York City Nutrition's recipe and food photography contributor. Sara is a graduate with an LL.B in Law from Trinity College Dublin and was the President of the Arabesque Society at Trinity College. In September, she will begin her Masters in Media and International Conflict at University College Dublin.

Sara's passion for food began through her Palestinian parents' home cooking, and has been influenced by her travels, especially after growing up in Cyprus and Ireland. Living in different countries has expanded her taste buds, and has increased her understanding of the culture of food and food traditions. When cooking at home she incorporates her Middle Eastern roots with Mediterranean and Northern European influences.  

Sara highlights this passion on her blog and Instagram, and every Thursday she will be posting a new recipe on New York City Nutrition Blog. Sara strives to create recipes that are full of whole foods and nutritious ingredients, proving that healthy food can be flavorful and delicious. She believes in following a balanced diet, avoiding processed foods where possible, while still enjoying the foods she loves. 

Sara's past work experience has been in the legal field, but she is now transitioning to a career in food media. Sara is Palestinian, lived in Cyprus for 15 years before moving to Ireland, where she has resided with her family for the last 7 years. 

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