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I'm Diana! As a Registered Dietitian in NYC, I believe in teaching my clients how to understand the principles of nutrition so they can add them to their life to create balance. Omitting favorite foods long-term is not sustainable, and my goal is to teach you how to incorporate balance so you can enjoy food while working towards your nutrition goals. 

About Diana

Diana is a Registered/Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist based in New York City; she also has a Master’s degree in Dietetics from Herbert H. Lehman College. As a New Yorker with Dominican roots, Diana understands the importance of food in our culture. Diana’s passionate drive to nutrition is focused on building a better relationship with food to reach your health goals.


She does this by teaching and helping you implement scientifically proven methods that aims to improve nutrient intake and nourish your body. Diana empowers women with the tools and strategies for weight management by educating her clients on nutritional science and mindfulness while adding exercise/movement that feels good to the body.

During her spare time, she enjoys going for long strolls exploring NYC, watching movies, hiking during the warm months, and enjoying a glass of wine in a cozy, intimate restaurant.

Certifications and Professional Organizations

Master’s of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics 

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)

Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist (CDN)

NYC Nutritionist Diana Rodriguez at New York City Nutrition
Diana Rodriguez, MS, RDN, CDN

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