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Trina Palomarez MS, CNS

About Trina

Trina is an Adjunct Professor, Functional Medicine Nutritionist and Board Certified Nutrition Specialist with a strong passion for health transformation. She holds a Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrative Medicine and has over 20 years experience working in the health and wellness industry.

Trina is a whole foods oriented nutritionist who helps clients discover the right foods for their body type and health needs. As a functional medicine practitioner, she believes that each client has a unique and individualized pathway to healing and recovery. She helps clients address the underlying causes of disease and disruption, allowing the body to re-align with its natural state of health.


At New York City Nutrition, Trina works with patients with gastrointestinal disorders,
hormone irregularities, optimizing metabolic health and helping clients create a healthy relationship with food, nutrition and body image.

In addition to her background in nutrition, Trina is a clinically trained herbalist and former natural products formulator with expertise in clinical supplementation and therapeutic herbalism.  


Trina balances work with time spent outdoors in nature. She enjoys camping, gardening and spending time with her nine year old daughter.

Certifications and Professional Organizations

Board Certified Nutrition Specialist

AdjunctFaculty/Professor of Nutrition

Master’s of Science in Nutrition

Certified Herbalist 

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