Meal planning made simple

Planning for Success Membership

We get that creating lifestyle changes and understanding what your body needs to be nourished can be confusing and stressful, so we have created our signature   Planning for Success Membership.

How it Works

Speak with our nutrition expert

 to discuss your nutrition goals

Speak with our dietitian/nutritionist expert
Meal plan delivered to your inbox

Scientifically created meal plans  based on your nutrition profile. 

Enjoy delicious nutrient dense, and expert approved recipes.

Have fun in the kitchen!
Biweekly appointments with your nutritionist
Recipes and grocery list included
Perfect for beginners and chefs

Types of Meal Plans

Our Planning for Success Membership is not like other meal planning subscriptions. Not only do you get scientifically created meal plans delivered to your inbox weekly, including breakfast, lunch, dinner + snacks. We will also send you a grocery list with all the items you need that can easily be integrated with Instacart or Amazon Fresh to order your food at a click of a button.

What You Get

Dietitian Nutritionist Approved Meal Plans

Biweekly Appointments

Scientifically created meal plans based on your nutritional requirements 

Weekly meal plans delivered to your inbox

Smart shopping list 

Easy to follow recipes

Recipes high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

Access to our private Facebook Group

Nutrient Dense Recipes

Order ingredients at the click of a button through Instacart

Stress free meal planning

This membership is perfect for someone who wants to improve their general health and wellness without committing to 1:1 sessions.