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5 Minute Lunch

✨ Who said packing a lunch takes time??

This 5 minute, no cook dish is just what you need to get through that mid afternoon hump. This recipe is part of my Sugar Detox Diet and is high in fiber and protein. It will keep you feeling full and energize mid-afternoon, so you won't get that crash and burn feeling as when you consume a meal high in refined carbs.

✨ Eating foods high in fiber stabilizes your blood sugar and keeps your diet on point by keeping you full for longer with the added benefit of being low in calories and high in nutrients!


2 cups kale, chopped

4 cherry tomatoes, sliced

1/2 Persian cucumber, sliced

1 tablespoon hummus

1/4 pita bread

Pinch parsley


1. Add all ingredients to an airtight Tupperware and top with a tablespoon of hummus.

2. Place pita bread around edges. Seal and bring to work!

3. Devour this delicious salad when hunger strikes! ⚡️

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