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Stuck In a Moment

A few months, by chance, I got to meet Bono! The day after St. Patrick's Day I was at a restaurant in the city when he came in with his assistant. Of course, me being a little cheeky, I bought him a drink and wished him a Happy St. Patrick's Day. What happened next blew me away! He asked where I was from (Galway) and then asked if I could join him for a drink. 

We sat and talked about nutrition, health, science, medical breakthroughs and the importance food has on the human body. We spoke about how making dietary changes can be beneficial to improving health and decreasing healthcare costs.

NEVER in my wildest dreams did I think I would be talking about my passion for food and health with this rock legend and humanitarian. Tonight, you will find me @mlstadium watching U2 perform their Joshua Tree Tour.  

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