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Finding Balance

What an amazing long weekend with friends and family! Majority of the time we cooked at home, but as with all people over the holiday weekend, we snuck in some treats 🍕🍦🍾.  It is OK to eat foods that are viewed as "unhealthy" every now and then. Especially, when it's a celebration of the nation in which we live! And.... I'm pretty sure Lady Liberty 🗽 would have approved. Eating a balanced diet includes finding a healthy balance between all foods and knowing that it's perfectly normally to indulge from time to time. Today, as all my friends and family have left my nest and returned to their lives, I'm also ready to get back to mine. This includes heading to the farmers market and stocking up my kitchen with locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables. I'm excited to get back to regular eating habits. If you feel you had too much fun over the long weekend and need to seriously nourish your body from within, then join me for my Sugar Detox Challenge on July 10th. Whole food, meal plans, and delicious recipes are included in the Sugar Detox! Link in bio for more information.

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