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10 Easy Snacks to help you Eat Healthy at The Office!

Office life can be busy and hectic, very often stress is inevitable. We find ourselves skipping meals to meet deadlines and grabbing the most convenient snacks and energy drinks to get us through the day. Long hours and commutes to and from work often mean our nutrition is not the priority. People end up rushing to the vending machine in between meetings to boost sugar levels. This may temporarily increase your energy but will have negative effects on long-term health. 

The most important thing we can do is fuel our bodies with wholesome foods to give us that energy that we need to function through the day. MOST importantly, we should be eating and drinking the foods and beverages that will improve concentration and focus so our days are as productive as they possibly can be! Eating healthy at the office should be a workplace team effort. Try removing the chips, candy, unhealthy "energy bars" and highly- caffeinated drinks from the staff kitchen so everybody can work together towards making work a healthier environment overall. 

Keep Reading for Healthy Office Snack Ideas.....

10 Simple Office Snacks

1. Chopped Apples or Pears with Nut Butter

Use nut butters with the LEAST amount of ingredients as possible, and be aware of added honey or salt. These have a long shelf-life so ideal for any office kitchen!

2. Unsalted Nuts- almonds/ cashews/ hazelnuts/pecans

Serving size- a handful the size of the palm of your hand). Keep large jars in the office kitchen. Nuts are high in fiber, protein and mono-unsaturated fats- Ideal for heart health!

3. Fresh Berries- Strawberries/ Raspberries /  Blueberries

Can be stored in the Refrigerator.

4. Wholegrain Unsalted rice cakes/ corn cakes.

These can be eaten on their own or with toppings such as cottage cheese/ nut butter.

5. Skinny Popcorn/ Any healthy popcorn brand

Be sure to check the ingredients, there should be no added sugar,no butter added. Also try to choose low sodium brands.  A cup of popcorn is an easy way to curb cravings and much better alternative to processed and artificial potato chips.

6. Bags of mandarin oranges/ pears/ peaches or a bunch of bananas

Any fruit that is in season and that can be eaten conveniently. Providing a range of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals! 

7. Chopped baby carrots or veggie sticks, Celery/ Cucumber/ Peppers

These can be eaten with hummus, there are a wide variety of flavors available in stores. Carrots are high in the antioxidant Beta-Carotene! Vegetables are high in fiber and low in calories- meaning they keep you full for longer without having negative effects on weight gain!

8. Hydration is Key:

Buy water fountains or store water jugs in the fridge so cool water is always available for staff. Try infusing water with different fruit combinations to add some extra flavor!

9. Low fat Greek Yoghurts

Choose brands with the least amount of sugar as possible. These are high in protein and calcium- good for muscle and bone health.

10. Dried Fruits

Be conscious of the serving size as these can be quite high in sugar. Useful High energy snack.

Working 9-5 to make a living shouldn't mean sacrificing your health. We are hearing more and more about the negative effects that office life can have on health with some headlines blaming office life for this country's “expanding waistlines”.  Engaging in healthy behaviors in work will improve mood and a happy staff is imperative in any work environment!

While, there are many approaches that can be taken to improve health in the workplace, healthy snacks is a good place to start.

At Lorraine Kearney Nutrition, we offer Corporate Wellness Events to cater for all office lifestyles.

Email directly: lorraine@lorrainekearneynutrition to find out more. Do your employees need some motivation to get healthy? Do you need a list of food and nutrition ideas to improve concentration and productivity in the workplace? Sometimes a basic breakdown and education session in nutrition is the answer. We can offer all of the above. Contact for more info on Corporate Wellness Packages.

Also- be sure to follow @Lorrainekearneynutrition Instagram page as we will be posting more info on staying healthy in the office.

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