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Cilantro-Lime Salmon Bowl

This recipe is ridiculously easy and tasty! Tangy and creamy cilantro-lime avocado dressing, delicious salmon and peppery arugula make this dish a filling, nutritionist-approved lunch!

The main protein of this dish is salmon. We recommend purchasing wild salmon, as farm-raised salmon is highly likely to be contaminated. Because farmed fish are raised in closed quarters, disease can spread quickly. The majority of the salmon sold in the US is farm-raised, which increases the risk of spreading contamination and disease. Additionally, due to the unnatural ways that farm-raised salmon are being fed, their omega-3 fatty acid content is much less than that of wild-raised salmon. Therefore, it is more nutritious to eat wild salmon than farm-raised salmon. Farm-raised salmon contain copious amounts of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), which is a type of toxin; 16 times more PCBs than wild salmon to be exact. This high amount of contamination has been revealed to pose risks of cancer and other health diseases to humans. Wild-raised Atlantic salmon is the safest salmon to purchase, as it is highly unlikely to be contaminated and contains the highest amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which are a necessary part of our diets.

The dressing in this dish is super versatile and can even be used as a salad dressing! It's simplicity is part of it's charm - avocado, lime and cilantro! The avocado here is great as an addition of creaminess and gorgeous color to the dressing, but it's also a great source of healthy fats! It contains monounsaturated fats, which are good for increasing the healthy cholesterol in the body. Avocados also contain dietary fiber which is necessary for a healthy gut, allowing us to easily digest our food.

We have used broccoli slaw in this recipe in order to cut down on the time it would take up to chop a whole head of broccoli. However, you can easily swap this for a head of broccoli and chop it yourself! Either way, broccoli has an array of health benefits, including reduced risks of cancer, osteoarthritis, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. It also adds a crunchy element to this bowl, leading to a variety of textures and also ensures that you're always eating a rainbow!

The addition of sunflower seeds, or any nut/seed of your choice is great for adding a variety of textures as well as including some more healthy fats. Sunflower seeds in particular are a great choice, as they are rich in lots of vitamins and minerals. They also contain high levels of phytosterols which are great for heart health and immune system.

If you recreate this recipe, be sure to post it on Instagram and tag us @lorrainekearneynutrition; we love to see you eating delicious, nutritious foods!


Cilantro-Lime Salmon Bowl

Total Time: 5 mins

Serves: 1



1 tablespoon avocado

¼ cup cilantro

½ lime, juiced


5 oz. salmon, cooked

½ cup rice, cooked

1 cup broccoli slaw

2 cups arugula

1 radish, diced

1 teaspoon sunflower seeds (or nut/seed of choice)


  1. In a blender or food processor, pulse avocado, oil, lime juice, salt and pepper (add a splash of non-dairy milk or water if needed to blend and get a creamy consistency).

  2. In a salad bowl add all ingredients and fold in the avocado sauce until all ingredients are covered. Sprinkle with sunflower seeds. Enjoy!

Remember, eating healthy doesn't have to look boring!

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