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Food Sensitivity Testing: MRT + LEAP

The mediator release test or MRT is one of the most useful blood tests for figuring out which foods your body may be sensitive to.

It tests your body’s hidden inflammatory response to different types of foods and food additives using advanced technology.

Lifestyle Eating and Performance or LEAP is a specialized food plan based on the results from the MRT that is tailored to you and your body’s needs.

Both MRT and LEAP are done under the supervision of licensed LEAP therapists and professionals.

Good thing for you, here at New York City Nutrition, our dietitians are also LEAP certified!

In this article I will be going over what MRT + LEAP testing is, who may need it, and what some of the benefits are!

What are Food Sensitivities?

Food sensitivities differ from food allergies as your body isn’t having an allergic reaction to the food but instead an inflammatory reaction (to put it simply!).

They involve multiple different immune pathways within your body and can contribute to chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation can then manifest into a variety of conditions and disorders including GERD, anxiety, IBS/IBD, ADHD, and more.

Think of this series of events:

  1. A trigger such as a food or food chemical starts the response

  2. Specific cells are activated

  3. These cells release “mediators” or middle men

  4. These mediators can lead to inflammation and a host of other health concerns

Who Can Benefit?

Food sensitivity tests are best for people who have unresolving symptoms or conditions.

If your bloating or rash just doesn’t seem to go away, or your GI symptoms keep coming back, you may benefit from getting MRT testing!

Conditions that may be linked to chronic inflammation from your diet includes:

  • PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

  • GERD


  • Asthma

  • Arthritis

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Skin conditions

  • Migraine

And more! For a full list of conditions, check out more information at the MRT + LEAP website here!

PCOS + Food Sensitivities

We want to take a second to highlight the link between PCOS and food sensitivities.

Food sensitivities and related inflammation may lead to hormone imbalances that can worsen PCOS symptoms.

We have PCOS specialized dietitians here at NYCN that can help you navigate this!

What is MRT?

As mentioned above, MRT is a mediator release test that uses innovative technology to test your body’s inflammatory responses to certain foods and additives.

There are three different versions that test either the top 170, 130, or 85 food allergens.

This is a blood test that can be done in the comfort of your own home and then shipped off to the lab for processing.

Here at New York City Nutrition we use MRT with our clients because we believe it is the most accurate and useful food sensitivity test on the market!

What is LEAP?

Lifestyle Eating and Performance or LEAP is the meal plan that is followed after completing the MRT under the supervision of a qualified health professional.

It is designed to be individualized to you, while still being non-restrictive and inclusive of your favorite foods!

When following this plan after discovering their food sensitivities, patients saw a greater improvement in outcomes, as well as a greater level of satisfaction and adherence to the plan. Amazing!

We have trained dietitians here at NYCN that can help you implement a LEAP food plan into your life after getting your MRT results back.

Do you feel as if food sensitivity testing is right for you? Make sure to schedule a FREE call with one of LEAP certified dietitians today!

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